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Our story

The first visit by a Ukrainian team to the Pee-Wee Tournament dates back just over thirty years, in 1992. A start that left a lasting impression, with Druzhba-78 (the team's name at the time) had embodied the Cinderella team by winning the tournament to everyone's surprise. Thirty years later, in February 2023, Sean Bérubé decided to re-invite a team from Ukraine in the midst of war, and once again, the arrival of this team made a lasting impression. Following the arrival of Ukraine Team Select, Sean Bérubé and Olivier Hubert-Benoit founded Mission Druzhba to carry out two main mandates close to their hearts. Of course, the name Druzhba is a tribute to the Cinderella team of 1992, but the name also means friendship or fraternity in English.

Our commitment

We have created a nonprofit organization to ensure the management of a Pee-Wee field hockey team at the Quebec International Tournament, and to provide educational assistance to those who wish to pursue studies in Quebec during the war in Ukraine. Thank you for your tremendous generosity.

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